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Hi! We're Lance and Rebekah Gibson. We are newlyweds happily settled in the Lonestar state. We love lots of things including drive-in movies, game nights, anything involving the lake, and our Lord and Savior.

We Tied the Knot

This past June, on a sunny and warm Saturday, I finally became Mrs. Lance Earl Gibson! This union came about as a result of Lance and I spending years praying intentionally about our relationship, seeking the Lord's will for us as a couple every day, and wise counsel from many God-ordained relationships with godly married couples in our life, and we know without a doubt that marriage is what the Lord intended for us! On June 16 I walked down the aisle to my best friend, the only one here on earth who knows everything about me and still adores me, and the only man I have or ever will want! Our wedding was in our home church here in Weatherford and we were told afterwards that with over 500 guests, it was the largest wedding North Side has hosted to date! 
Lance and I shared an exceptional engagement together and our marriage has been nothing short of the same, and even better! My love for my husband, who is my greatest blessing, grows every single day as he showers me with love and serves me just as Christ served the church. He points me to Christ in all that he does and I am so, so, so undeserving of his love. 

I wanted to share some of the pictures from our wedding for those of you whom I know only through this blog and honestly, just for my own enjoyment as well. :) 

The Ladies 

My ladies! Lance told me once "Your bridal party fits you" and he couldn't be more right! I was so blessed to have two of my oldest friends, my little sister, and the girl who's seen it all with me to stand beside me on my wedding day. I love love love them! 

LOVE our flowers. The colors were perfect and they were everything I wanted. 

Absolutely had to get a shot of the shoes. :)

We spent a sold 20 minutes in prayer before the ceremony. We were all bawling our eyes out by then end of it and had to do a VERY quick makeup check. 

Before the Ceremony

My groom came for a visit pre-wedding. I was DYING to see him, especially since all the ladies in the room that could see him kept exclaiming about how he looked like he was about to cry and was making the cutest face ever,

We wrote letters to one another on our wedding day. These letters are framed in our bedroom now. 

Writing the last letter I would ever write to my fiance! 

 The Ceremony

We decided to do something a little different to kick off our ceremony. We knew from the start that we wanted our wedding to be focused on bringing the glory to the Lord and what He had done for us. We decided to do this by making our ceremony more like a worship service than a wedding. A good friend of ours led our guests in a time of prayer and then we were all led in a worship song performed live by Aaron Wagner and Caleb Lain, both good friends of ours. The song was Never Once by Matt Redman, which talks about the Lord's faithfulness.

Meeting my groom on the arm of my father at the altar. 

Our wedding party praying over us during the ceremony.

And finally, the kiss!

The Families

My crazy, wonderful family! 

The Gibson family. What a blessing they are to me! I would do absolutely anything for them and consider myself so lucky to have gained a family like them

The Boys

The groomsmen. Aren't they a good lookin bunch? They all mean the world to BOTH of us and seriously blessed us many times throughout our relationship!

The classic prom pose. :)

 Mr. & Mrs. Gibson

Finally, husband and wife.

I wish I could explain how much I love this man! 

The Reception 

We decided on a candy bar for our reception, and it was a HIT! All of the candy was completely gone by the end of the night! 

These were the bags used for the candy bar. Those suckers took me forever to stamp and punch out the edges, but I love how they turned out. 

We also decided to do a dessert bar rather than offer a whole meal at our reception. This is just one example of the many yummy treats we offered! 

Miniature donuts. I thought these were so cute! 

And of course, there HAD to be old-fashioned Dr. Peppers! 

The groomscake, fashioned after Lance's Martin acoustic guitar

Our gorgeous wedding cake! I absolutely loved this cake, and everyone said it was the tastiest wedding cake they'd ever tasted! 

His and Hers.

The Decor

Instead of having a guestbook (that we would probably never open again), we decided to use a Bible and asked everyone to sign it and underline a favorite verse. We plan to use this Bible someday with our kids at Christmas and Easter, and every other day in the year! 

Every centerpiece consisted of multiple vintage bottles, mason jars, and candles that we hunted down from all sorts of places. We raided every garage sale we came across, bought out First Monday Trade Days, and even found some gems at Goodwill. 

An old suitcase held the cards we received on our wedding day.

And finally, we were off, to enjoy a honeymoon in the Smokies and begin our new life as Mr. & Mrs. Gibson! 

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  1. My wedding was in October 2011 and though I loved everything about our wedding because it was a Catholic wedding it was focused more on tradition then about the union and about our Lord. I love the little touches you brought to your wedding and you are such an inspiration as a couple. I nominated you for a Liebster award. Read about it here.