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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Livin'

My brief, wonderful weeks of Summer have officially come to an end. Are you, like me, thinking "What?! Summer should just be starting!". Well, not for me. Not this summer anyways. After three blissful weeks of no homework, no biology lab, or exams, I am back in the classroom and about to complete week 1 of my summer session. It.Is.Awful. No one should be locked up in classroom from 9am-2pm everyday during summer time. 

However, I did manage to cram some super fun summer activities in during my three weeks off. 

First was our amazing vacation to Tennessee! 

We made it a point to stop at every state's welcome center.

We drove past so many beautiful lakes and rivers. 

The scene outside of our campsite on night one.

And we're off to hike in the Smoky Mountain National Park!

We may or may not have scouted out some real estate while we were there. Just saying, we would not be opposed to living in Tennessee someday! :) 

It was such a fun trip, and I could not be more thankful for the man I got to share it with. We took this trip to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, and what an incredible year this has been! Before we got married, everyone warned us about us about "the first year". They told stories of horrible fights, awkwardness while trying to learn how to live with one another, and lots of hostility towards one another in general. I am happy to say that our first year of marriage couldn't have been farther from those testimonies. Lance and I have never fought with each other, not in the two years we spent together dating, the six stressful months of trying to plan a wedding, or even the scary first year of marriage! Does that mean that we are boring and never talk about anything, or that we hold our feelings inside and never share them with each other in fear of conflict? Nope. It means that when the situation arises in which we could potentially argue, one of us has to be the bigger person and lead us into a time of simple conversation. Is it easy? Nope. It's much easier to hurl insults at one another, or storm off in a rage rather than discuss things, or choose stony silence for the next couple of days rather than talking and trying to work things out. But it's so worth it. And, through the power of God's love in our lives and the awesome counseling we had before we got married, we can do this. My husband extends grace to me in those moments that I'm upset and can't make sense of what I'm really hurting over, and I do the same for him. Our testimony is one of grace and acceptance, rather than anger and tension. I praise God for it, and it is possible for anyone else too! 

All of that rambling to say that I couldn't be happier in my marriage. I couldn't be more humbled by the Lord's abundant blessings in my life. He has given abundantly, and I am so so thankful for His love. I couldn't be more in love with the God-fearing, passionate, caring man that I get to wake up next to every morning. Here's to many more anniversaries together, Lord willing. 

Also, a sneak peek of something I just can't WAIT to share! 

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  1. I love you! I am so sorry I didn't tell you Happy Anniversary on Sunday!!!!
    Just fyi. I am praying for you this week! and I loved all your pictures!

    Love you,