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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Alive and Well

I am finally a free woman! I took my last final exam yesterday which means my semester of school is over and I can finally breathe again. Breath, catch up on laundry, and finally finish all of the Christmas crafts I've been pinning like a madwoman. What.a.relief. And, praise the Lord, I am ending the semester with four A's and B, which is pretty dang good for this newlywed who didn't quite know how she was going to juggle being a new wife, working a part time job that really requires full time hours, and taking 16 hours worth of classes. All I can say is lots of late nights, an extremely sweet husband who joyfully serves his wife, and lots of prayer got me through this semester. I am also so excited because despite some issues, I am right on track to being the EC-6th education program at Tarleton via Weatherford College next fall. That is a big hallelujah, people. I will have to go to school year-round to make this possible, but I will do so gladly if it means beginning the program on time. And, if all goes well, I will be student teaching in the Spring of 2015 and graduating that May as well. Cross your fingers for me! 

This holiday season has been such a blessed and joyful one for us as a new family. We've made it through one holiday already and had no difficulty splitting time between our families, or the Dallas Cowboys for that matter. :) Both of our families are so gracious and wanted nothing more than to accommodate us and enjoy whatever time we had to spend with them. We started out the Thanksgiving holiday by trekking to Houston on the Monday before and spending two and a half days with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, and siblings in Deer Park. We started a new tradition with the First Annual Cook Family Turkey Day Flag Football Tournament (kind of mouthful, right?). We had a BLAST as we formed teams from my cousins and siblings, even the little ones, and aunts and uncles. I'm proud to say that I had two interceptions and three touchdowns under my belt at the end of the day.!  We headed back to Weatherford on Wednesday in order to spend some of Thanksgiving morning with Lance's family at his aunt and uncle's house before we headed to the COWBOYS VS. REDSKINS game! Oh, it was SO much fun cheering on The Boys (and secretly cheering on RGII as the quarterback of my Fantasy Football team, but don't you dare tell Lance that!)! A really special "First Thanksgiving". 

Next, of course, is Christmas! We had our Christmas decorations out the second weekend in November and are going to be really sad to see them go. It was really special, going out and picking out OUR decorations, as well as incorporating the decorations we both grew up with.  Our apartment is looking very festive, and I only seem to keep finding new things to add all the time. :) We can't wait to celebrate first as our own family, and then together with our families and the traditions we grew up with. 

Love coming home to this jolly face. :) 

Thank you, Pinterest for this super cute and easy decoration idea!

Of course, Elf had to be a part of the decorating process. 

The final product! 

And of course, the Dallas Cowboys Santa Clause.

As always, I enter this season with an attitude of thankfulness that only seems to grow as I first consider the things and people the Lord has blessed me with in abundance, and then as I humbly remember that He sent His one and ONLY Son in the form of a baby to grow up into a perfect sacrifice for my ugly sin. How amazing is that? All of those years ago, He knew my need for a Savior and he willingly and joyfully gave the remedy for my condition. What perfect Love. He came for you, too. He loves you, and whether you know it or not, He is wooing you to Himself, to become a child of the most humble and kind King there ever was. I pray that if you know Him, you rejoice in his birth this season and praise Him for His merciful and free gift. And if you do not know Him, I pray that people will enter your life to explain more fully the true meaning behind the celebration we experience this time of the year. It is so much more than a jolly bearded man and presents under the tree.

Merry Christmas! 

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