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Hi! We're Lance and Rebekah Gibson. We are newlyweds happily settled in the Lonestar state. We love lots of things including drive-in movies, game nights, anything involving the lake, and our Lord and Savior.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


An update from The Gibsons via Instagram pics. Enjoy! 

Lance and I recently made the trek over the North Park Mall in Dallas and took H&M by storm. It was the perfect little reward to sticking to our budget so well, if you ask me. I found this pretty blue top along with some other things, and Lance came out with some good finds too. What I love about this top is how perfect it is for summer AND the way it transitions so well into Fall! It looked so cute with white capris and wedges during the hot days, and I can't wait til I can layer it underneath a chunky sweater with some skinny cords and a slim belt. LOVE me some H&M! 

The Gibsons hosted their first Cowboy's party of the season on opening day when the Boys beat the GIANTS. Who saw that comin?! We had a blast with friends as we all chowed down on some yummy Pizza Place, cupcakes, and good ol'  Dr. Pepper. Our apartment may feel a little tight with 10 of our lovely friends crammed around the tv, but it's the best kind of crowded there is, if you ask me! 

We were blessed with some beautiful weather a few weeks ago and some lazy evenings so of course we hit the lake! Lance and I l-o-v-e the lake and wakeboarding, and we head that way every chance we get. With me being back in school and the weather changing, we don't get to go out as often as we'd like, so every we take every single opportunity we get. The Creator sure has made some beautiful things for us to enjoy! 

Lance and I officially wrote our first song together as husband and wife. We have hope that we get the opportunity to record and release it on an upcoming studio worship album our church might possibly release in the spring. More on the story behind it later. :) 

School being back in sessions means breakfast dates at Hutch's Pie Shop with my hubs on a weekly basis. We got a gift-card to Hutch's for our wedding and finally ran it all out last week. Hutch's is a little Weatherford treasure and recently has experienced a decline in business... So we decided to show them love as much as we can! :) 

My favorite drink at Starbucks is finally available again! The glory that is the Salted Caramel Mocha which only appears during the fall recently made its appearance and I couldn't be happier. Just one more lovely detail that makes it truly feel like fall and winter are on their way. 
P.s. Make sure you try this drink OR the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate,  which is almost as good! 

My hubs and I enjoyed the best kind of date ever... A Groupon date! Thanks to Groupon we got tickets to see Lawless at the Arlington Studio Movie Grill last Thursday for only 10 stinking dollars! First we enjoyed some burritos a la Freebirds, then we had some time to kill so we moseyed around the ultra huge Container Store next door. Lance and I have strange enjoyment in walking around big stores together - we used to it all the time at Wal-mart (lame, i know). I usually end up dying in laughter at the crazy antics of that man I married. He is such a joy! After that, we headed to the theatre for the movie. Lawless was REALLY good, if you can handle some pretty graphic violence. I love movies set back in the old days, especially when filmed in such a pretty location as this one was. It was a great story, too. 

I started an online devotional this past week and am loving it so far! We are digging into Galatians everyday, and you get to share this experience with sisters in Christ all around the world! You can join in here

Last year, I began a mentoring program with a school here in town. I met with that little cutie up above every Monday last school year and recently got to begin meeting with him again! I LOVE the time we get to spend together each week, and love the opportunity I get to shower him with love and encouragement. The kids that are placed in the program are classified as being "at risk" due to their socio-economic level and home life, so a lot of them don't receive that kind of love and encouragement at home. My little guy's name is Jaime, and he is a big ol bad 1st grader this year. His favorite candy is gum (the Mentos kind), his favorite animals are snakes, he loves chocolate chip cookies, and football. We have a blast. 

Witnessed an AMAZING baptism service in which several of the kids I had in class last year professed their faith in Christ before the church. Nothing, absolutely nothing, I experience during the year with them brings me more joy than seeing them respond to the call of the love of God. I've been blessed with another chance to teach them this year in their third grade class and I'm excited to witness them grow this year in their walk! Pray for us, if we ever cross your mind. :)  


My grandparents have been in town this weekend, which means the Hubs and I spent more time out at my parents home than we normally do. While I've been loving living in town and being so close to everything, I do miss the beauty and peacefulness of good ol' Peaster, Texas. Countryside as far you can see, beautiful sunsets, stars, cattle . . . Just pretty, Texas scenery every which way. 

Anyways, that's what we've been up to! Possibly thinking about making Tuesday and Insta-update day every week... We shall see...

lance + rebekah

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