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Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY Felt Rosette Fall Wreath

I did it.
I conquered my very first Pinterest DIY craft! I feel so accomplished . . . So wifely, making a little wreath for my little home's front door. :) So fun. 

I had such a blast making this wreath that I figured I would share the love and provide you with the very same instructions I followed to make this pretty little thing. It's super easy, and relatively cheap depending on where you buy your materials. It cost me a grand total of $15 to make this wreath! 

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Felt (in various colors – use any colors you’d like for your flowers)
  • Hot glue gun & hot glue
  • Double stick tape
  • Fall berry picks {optional}
Download and print out the Rosette Template. Use the template to cut the “swirl” shapes out of your felt (you can adjust the size of your swirl to create larger or smaller rosettes).
Start at the end and roll it. The tighter you roll it up, the smaller the rosette will be; if it is rolled more loosely, the rosette will end up larger. Once the flower was almost completely rolled, I used a little double stick tape to keep it rolled up (double stick tape is great because you can take it off if you need to adjust your flower and then just stick it back on). Then I finished rolling it up by putting the end on top of the tape, and the whole rosette stays together and keeps its shape.
To make multi-colored rosettes, like the one below, just attach two or three different colors together with hot glue to make the swirl pattern. The just roll it up like the other rosettes!
Make as many or as few rosettes as you’d like. Then just arrange how you’d like them on the grapevine wreath and secure them with hot glue. You can decorate the entire wreath with the flowers, or use other fall decorations – I used 5 sprigs of fall berries (I just stuck them right into the wreath!).

And tada! You have a beautiful Fall wreath. 

Thanks to Crafting Mom for this easy to follow tutorial! 

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