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Hi! We're Lance and Rebekah Gibson. We are newlyweds happily settled in the Lonestar state. We love lots of things including drive-in movies, game nights, anything involving the lake, and our Lord and Savior.

Monday, July 16, 2012

We Did It!

March 19?! That's the last time I wrote here. Wow. At that point, I was 89 days away from marrying Lance Gibson. It's so weird to think that a time even existed that I wasn't married to him, but it is, of course, true.

We have now been happily married for a month and life here on earth has never been sweeter. What a gift God has blessed me with. Aside from my salvation and the gift of eternal life and freedom, Lance Gibson and the love he lavishes on me is my greatest gift! I am so blessed.

This blog will now begin a bit of a transformation, somewhat similar to the one I (Rebekah) am undergoing. There is much more to getting married than a gorgeous wedding and blissful honeymoon; there is the promise and responsibility of a covenant.You will deceive yourself and probably experience a bit of panic if you did focus more on the details of wedding decor and honeymoon activities and now are back home realizing you've somehow ended up with a lifelong, live in buddy whom you're expected to share everyday with. 

Thankfully, Lance and I were blessed with Biblically founded counsel as we prepared to fulfill the roles of husband and wife. However, all the counsel in the world will do nothing for us if we don't listen to it and allow the truth being spoken to renew and transform us.

So, this blog will be a record of our journey as we begin this new life together. I want to remember every step we take and I think documenting it here will be a fun way to do so! I'll be talking about the mushy wonderful parts about being married, the lessons we will learn as we figure this hubby/wifey thing out, and the many things the Lord will teach us and do in our lives! 

For now, I'd like to provide you with some faces to go with our names :) 

Why, hello. One of my finer moments on our honeymoon! 
My hubby! I don't know if there is another picture out there that describes him so well! 

Spending the night out on the town on our honeymoon
One of my favorite engagement pictures

We loved registering for gifts! 

Outside of our first home together :) 

That's all for now! 

Rebekah and Lance

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