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Monday, July 30, 2012

Crazy Busy

Lance and I have been running around like crazy pretty much ever since we got engaged this past January. We are both on staff at our home church, working in two areas of ministry that demand a lot of time, brain power, and creativity. When you're trying to plan a wedding on top of working like we do, you get tired pretty fast!

Lance works in the music ministry as an assistant to the senior and contemporary worship leaders at North Side. Some of the responsibilities he faces each week in this particular ministry include managing and running the band rehearsals for both the contemporary worship service as well as for the traditional worship service, while also playing acoustic guitar (and occasionally some banjo) for the contemporary service, and bass on occasion for the traditional. Another area he serves in on a weekly basis is the youth department. He, along with a team of youth guys, lead students each week in worship of our Savior. Lance does an awesome job of discipling the guys who play with him and training them in the Word and the meaning of worship. Lance uses the gifts the Lord has given in him in a few other areas of ministry at North Side as well, like shooting videos and leading Bible studies as well. I am so blessed to be married to a man who follows His Savior with such real love and devotion. 

I currently serve at North Side in two different areas of ministry. My official part-time "job" there is assistant to the full-time children's minister and preschool director. I absolutely LOVE the work I do each week. Sometimes it can be as simple as gathering materials for Sunday school lessons or Wednesday night activities; sometimes I am the one writing lessons and Bible studies for kids and sometimes I'm only trying to come up with 5 different ways to play kickball. I don't mind though because if the little things I do, like die-cutting 85 different shapes, means that a teacher is better equipped to share the Gospel with a child then that is just awesome. It can be kind of exhausting on the brain sometimes to try to think of an Easter craft that's never been done before, or a way to talk to kids about eternal things without going over their heads or being too funny and off-subject, but I love it. The other area I serve in is the music ministry as worship leader for the contemporary service. It so much fun to serve the Lord alongside my husband each week. That's actually how we met back in the day.

Today, I am actually heading off to children's camp for the week. It's crazy, in our six-ish weeks of being married, Lance and I have only actually spent about four weeks together. He was gone for two weeks running sound at youth camp only two weeks after we got married, came home for a week, and now I am about to head off to children's camp for a week. But that's okay. This is the last week we will spend apart this summer, and then all will calm down... Until I go back to school in three weeks, anyways! 

Please keep me and the kids at camp in your prayers this week! Pray that the strong Texas heat is not too overwhelming and that the kids enjoy themselves in the time we spend outside. Most importantly, pray that the Spirit will move in the hearts of everyone there as the Gospel is preached!! 

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