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Hi! We're Lance and Rebekah Gibson. We are newlyweds happily settled in the Lonestar state. We love lots of things including drive-in movies, game nights, anything involving the lake, and our Lord and Savior.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Raindrops On Roses

 It's been a while! Life is busy right now, but this busy-ness = happiness, so I'm absolutely fine with it! 

A few things making me happy lately...

1. This cold weather that has moved in to good ol' W'ford! I'm talking temps in the low 50's, which leads to another source of  happiness for me...

2. Outfits like this! I'm living in my boots and oversized

3. The Lord's faithfulness to us... seriously, His love is unfailing and absolutely overwhelming. There are so many things in my life right now of which I can't see the outcome, no matter how I spin things. But He is good and will never leave me to walk this life alone. So I walk by faith and not by sight, letting go of desires and dreams (which is not easy, I Have to be honest!), desperately seeking His will. That was kind of long haha. But seriously... Rest in Him! 

4. It's almost Christmas... Which means that my absolute favorite and inconveniently seasonal coffee creamer is now in stores! It is all kinds of cinnamon hazlenutty up in here, people. 

5. Weekend visits with old friends who feel like home.

6. Morning workouts before the sun rises that leave me feeling like I kicked the world's booty before it was even woke up... Which wouldn't actually be a huge accomplishment... Kicking somebody's booty while they sleep is not really a big deal. So forget that. You know what I meant, right? 

7. Thrift store finds turning into crafty things to make my walls pretty... I love pretty. 

8. Nat King Cole Holiday Pandora. I crank that thing up on October 1st, my friends. Judge me if you like, you Scrooge, but my world is one holly jolly place right now. 

9. Knowing that I will see my family in just three weeks for Thanksgiving! I miss them so much. I.can't.wait.

10. You. You know who you are. You always make me happy. I laugh when I'm with you and just the thought of you leaves me with a joy of which I feel I'll never experience the full extent. There are a lot of unknowns in our life right now... But we have no reason to be afraid. We walk with the Lord, as a couple and as individual children. We seek His will now the same way. I'm so thankful for your nearness to Him. I'm so blessed by you,encouraged by you,and challenged by you. I pray for you, that your joy will abound in Him and that your knowledge of His character and love will be forever strengthened and renewed. I pray that your shape will be under constant transformation to better represent our Savior. I pray that you walk in His will always, no matter where it takes you. I rejoice because I KNOW you will live abundantly in Him all your days. I love you.

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