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Hi! We're Lance and Rebekah Gibson. We are newlyweds happily settled in the Lonestar state. We love lots of things including drive-in movies, game nights, anything involving the lake, and our Lord and Savior.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

"All she ever wanted was to play an irreplaceable role in a shared adventure; a journey filled with love, excitement, and passion... to be needed, and to be found irreplaceable and captivating...
it's all she ever wanted to be." 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"... he loved her, he loved her, he loved her, and until he loved her, she had never minded being alone."

Monday, September 19, 2011


5 Reasons I have a happy heart...

1. My combover is finally growing out. I totally forgot what my forehead looks like. I have to say, I'm a fan. 

2. The weather outside has been absolutely beautiful as of late. A little humid at times, but there is a hint of fall on the wind. I'm so ready for flushed cheeks, cozy sweaters, BOOTS, cinnamon coffee, and days spent outside in the brisk air. It's my absolute favorite time of the year. 

3. Jesus loves me. He loves you too. His mercy and love are so overwhelming, all.the.time. He has blessed me with so much I don't deserve and loves me so completely. I can't describe His goodness. 

4. I've noticed a big change in the attitude and actions of some of my family members, especially my younger sister. I've really been trying to draw her out and figure out what she is all about. She really is a beautiful girl. I'm enjoying spending time like this with her, and everyone is enjoying the way her overall countenance has changed!

5. The fifth reason my heart is happy? Might have something to do with that guy i like so much. Today I've been reminiscing on all the moments we've shared together over the past year and a half. So many good ones. A few tough ones. But so worth it. From that first date we spent kind of reconnecting and eating dinner in the park to evenings we spend together now, doing absolutely nothing in front of the tv on the couch, I cherish them all. He is absolutely one of those incredible blessings I don't deserve. I'm so thankful. And so in love. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

"I would swim out to save you,
           in your sea of broken dreams//

  When all your hopes are sinking,

              let me show you what love means."

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today was just hard. So hard. One of those days that leaves you feeling just... So defeated and discouraged. And SAD. I know why, too. There are some areas in my life that I've allowed the devil to have a foothold in. I'm ashamed to say that, but there are. And today, he hurt me so bad.  All day long, I was just sad. It started early this morning as I sat at the kitchen table while my siblings got ready for school. Let me start with a little background: I feel like the Lord has been opening my eyes to a lot of things lately regarding my family, specifically the way He wants to use me within my family to change some things. He's opening  my eyes to the kind of leadership I possess here, which is scary and exciting at the same time. Anyways, I've been so excited because I have been trying so hard to answer the call He's placing on my life right now. It's not always easy... Actually, it's rarely easy. BUT I've been seeing God move in our lives. Which is SO incredible! Back to this morning. I'm sitting at the table while my siblings get ready for school... And I get so sad. All I hear is fighting. All I see is what looks like pure hatred towards each other. What's worse is what I DON'T see. All of my siblings profess Christ as their Lord and Savior... But I see almost no evidence of Him in their actions. Now, I am absolutely NOT trying to make myself out to be the saint of the family because that is NOT the case. I'm just saying, when I look at them most of the time, I don't see Jesus at all. And it breaks my heart. And it scares me. I feel so much like a failure for not doing a better job at being an example of a Christ follower. It hurts because I know God has to be disappointed in me. It hurts a lot.  


All day long, that sadness followed me. It discouraged me so much. Satan took full advantage of that. I just feel like today, he came at me from all sides. I've been reading this awesome book and doing a Bible study that goes along with it. It's about living as a woman with a kingdom-minded heart and learning how to live fully as a woman the way the God designed us. Living with beauty and confidence and passion for Him. I'm learning so much and I love it! I feel such awe when I am in such awe when I think about the first woman ever created and all that she represented. I mean, she was God's finishing touch to all of creation! She was His remedy to Adam's loneliness, the first thing God saw as "not good". Things weren't right without her. I'm learning what my value is. I'm seeing my God-given beauty and purpose for what feels like the first time. I'm seeing the role He created that only a woman can fill in life and also for her husband. I love getting to know God like this. But today, satan was there, stealing my peace and confidence; throwing hateful lies in my face. And I fell for them. "You really think God has a plan for YOU? You fall so short so often. No one will ever listen to you because you don't speak well. You aren't loud enough; you lack boldness. You're definitely not going to catch anyone's eye when they look at you. You definitely don't compare to you-know-who (and there were multiple you-know-whos). She's gorgeous. She's clearly being used by God. Everything in her life is falling into place perfectly. You are nothing like her. How could God use YOU?" On and on and on. All day long. I haven't cried so much in a long time. 


I know this must sound ridiculous. Dramatic. Silly. Whatever. But to me, for the majority of the day, it was truth. But praise God for being more powerful than anything the devil could throw at me! Praise Him for giving me discernment, when I was finally wise enough to ask, to see the lies of satan for what they are. I'm so thankful for His Spirit covering me. I'm so thankful that I can fail a thousand times and experience His mercy and grace every time, because I fail so. much. I'm thankful that I have Jesus in me. He's all I need. 


Tomorrow, I'm not going to be fooled. I'm done with that. I've been called to something higher than the falsities fed to me by a jealous fiend. I'm ashamed at how little of a fight I put up today. Tomorrow will not be the same. 


"Even when the waters rise and the mountains crumble,
I will call on the Name of the Lord

Even when the darkness comes and my world is shaken
I will call on the Name that is power

Your Name, it is power"

Monday, September 5, 2011

Love Don't Come Easy

"... You want a man who will lead you down the beach with his hand over your eyes, just so you can discover the feel of the sand beneath your feet. You want a man who will wake you up at dawn, just bursting to talk to you because he can't wait another minute just to find out what you'll say... I guarantee there'll be tough times. But I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life, because I know, in my heart, you're the only one for me. "
Runaway Bride

I think I may love love entirely too much. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

College, Baby.

SCHOOL  started this week. School as in... COLLEGE. Yikes, right?

Honestly, I really surprised myself. I wasn't too terribly frightened, which is very unlike me. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the unknown in general. Road trips to an unknown destination - YES PLEASE! Downloading random music that I don't know anything about - favorite pastime. Picking up a book by an author I've never heard of - yes, yes, yes. Trying to find my way around an unknown place where I could potentially get lost, be late for class, walk into the wrong class, or get beat up by the big kids - Nah. Not my kind of unknown. Except for the big kids part. That could be fun. Also, how lame are those "unknown" loves??? Unknown AUTHOR??? I am a nerd. A big one. 

ANYWAYS, I made it through my first week. Didn't get lost, wasn't late, didn't get beat up. I really enjoyed myself, actually.I think my favorite class is going to be my government class. Maybe. That will change as soon as I have to get up in front of everyone and give some sort of presentation. But for now, my professor is funny and interesting and I sit with two girls I know from high school. It's comfortable.
I also, successfully located the athletic center all by my big ole self. I was scared, but I sashayed right past those ridiculously fit young fellows and owned that stationary bike for 45 minutes. Haha. I'm committing to doing that at least 4 times a week. At LEAST. I'm just tired of not ever liking the body I have, always wishing I were tighter, firmer, whatever-er. 
I'm looking forward to the change this will bring. 

All in all, it's been a good week. There have been a few weird moments where old feelings showed their face. Feelings I thought were long gone. Apparently not, but I'm not worried about it. They didn't linger and I'll be surprised if they come back. No need to mention them now. :) 

Can I just say that I don't know how people do... LIFE without Jesus. I am so thankful for the peace that comes from walking with the Lord. I'm thankful for the challenges He's been sending me, the lessons He's teaching me, the love He never ceases to bestow upon me so undeservedly. I don't know how I would do anything without Him by my side. 

It's kind of weird not being with Lance during the day. In other words, living like almost every other person I know. Haha. We had it good working at the same place, eating multiple meals together every day, and spending most evenings with each other. I loved that, but I think it will be good for us to break up our time. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE spending all that time with him. Love it. But I think it will be good for us to have things going on that don't completely involve each other. It will give us more stories to share and more time to miss each other. Haha. On my part anyways. I can't wait for the day when I can go through my day not seeing him or anything and be comforted by the fact that I get to see him when I get home... When I get to unwind with him on our couch in our apartment and just relax. Or when I come home and maybe that doesn't happen, but I know that I get to fall asleep to the sound of him breathing... I'll turn over in the night and feel his skin on mine... I'll wake up to his face. I really hope that day comes.