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Saturday, May 7, 2011

They Call Her Love

So lately I've been reading a pretty incredible book called Boy Meets Girl. It's by Josh Harris, who is the same man who wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye, which describes his decision to quit dating and focus on his relationship with the Lord. I haven't read that one, but the one I'm reading now is, like I said, amazing. It tells the story of meeting his wife Shannon and how they pursued an intentional relationship - one that was dedicated to keeping God's will first and focused on whether or not His will included the other.  He brought up so many good points. I've been convicted quite a few times and I'm only on chapter 7. These are a few of the things that have really stuck out to me (some of these may seem like "duh", but I think we often forget them):

- Before two people can please God as a couple, they must first be individuals who want God more than anything else and who know that only He can satisfy the deepest longings of their soul.

- You have to give your dreams of forever and your desire for love to the Lord COMPLETELY. Only then will you accept what he brings your way. Only then will you be able to look at a relationship that doesn't work out and cry not just because your heart is broken, but because your God cares enough to close a door that leads somewhere other His beautiful plan for you. 

- God's glory has to be the ultimate purpose of ANY relationship.

- People in a God-glorifying relationship want God's will more than anything else. With that comes a selfless desire to do what is best for the other person. (I John 3:16)

- Patience is important not only in the waiting for the right time to begin a relationship, but also in allowing it to unfold at a healthy pace. 

Anyways, this book is chock-full of testimonies and advice that line up with what the word of God has to say about love and relationships. And a slap-in-the-face is always a good thing. 

"Entrust your dreams of love to His care." 

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