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Hi! We're Lance and Rebekah Gibson. We are newlyweds happily settled in the Lonestar state. We love lots of things including drive-in movies, game nights, anything involving the lake, and our Lord and Savior.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors Done Her In . . .

First, let me say that everybody needs to check out The Civil Wars new album, Barton Hollow. Seriously one of the best albums I've purchased in a while. I LOVE it.  The harmonies are so incredibly tight, Joy and John Paul are gorgeous, and there are multiple tracks that are perfect for that rainy day playlist. Check them out! 


I finally made it out of the house today, thanks to the one and only Lance Gibson. Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive, right? We ate a lovely lunch at Pulidos then went up to North Side and recorded some songs together. We do mostly covers, but we DO have one mean rendition of Bill Wither's "Ain't No Sunshine" that has a little Nelly and Beyonce thrown into the mix. It's pretty nice. 
I think recording/singing is one of my favorite things that we do together. Some nights, instead of going to the movies like normal couples, we opt to head to North Side and "jam". "Jamming" consists of us being mic-ed, him at the piano, and me on guitar. We call songs out at random and then do our best to make it through them together. Sometimes we sound dang good and sometimes we end up laughter before the end of the song. It's always a ton of fun though. 

Anyways, I think I know why I love our jam sessions . . .This is going to make me sound like the sappiest individual EVER. . .but it's like sometimes when we sing together, all of the things I wish I knew how to tell him are conveyed and understood. That probably sounds absolutely crazy. So I'm not going to try to explain it any further. It's just good.


All in all, today was a beautiful day. The Lord is good and He is faithful to no end, despite my bouts of putting my trust in people other than Him. I was reminded of His great love for us today when I read this verse:

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.
~ 1 Peter 5:7

The God of the universe is waiting for you to let go and give all to Him; all your worries, all your dreams, all your trust.
 Let go. 
He won't disappoint.


Currently listening to:

Barton Hollow - The Civil Wars
This Is Our God - Hillsong Chapel
The Nearness of You - Norah Jones
Fire and Dynamite - Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors
Come Away With Me - Jesus Culture
Once You've Loved Somebody - The Dixie Chicks
Edge of Desire - John Mayer
Fires - David Ramirez

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