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Hi! We're Lance and Rebekah Gibson. We are newlyweds happily settled in the Lonestar state. We love lots of things including drive-in movies, game nights, anything involving the lake, and our Lord and Savior.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, Monday

Hello, friends! Or, more accurately, friend! Hope you had a wonderful week/weekend, enjoying the gorgeous weather!

I sure did!

I turned eighteen on Saturday, what what! Haha.

The girl is legal!

 I celebrated by spending the day with my mom and sister. First, we got our eyebrows back under control (they were looking a little rough...), headed to Chili's for some lunch, did some shopping (hello summer dresses! Yeah, it's a little early, but I'm excited!), then hit the movies. We saw Unknown with Liam Neeson. It was realllyyyy good. You should go see it! It was a lot of fun, just spending time with my two favorite ladies. We don't get a whole of fun time together, so Saturday was really nice.

Lance was out of town this weekend with Caleb leading worship for a Dnow in Dallas. I just thought I wasn't going to see him until Sunday morning at church. Well, I should've known better! Sneaky little devil. :) They got back from Mt. Lebanon on Saturday night around 11:45 and he decided to drive 20 minutes to my house and bring me birthday flowers before getting everything unloaded and set up for church the next morning.

Have I mentioned that I love that boy?

He is way too good to me.

Yesterday was a great day too! I spent it with loved ones in celebration of the person that I am becoming thanks to the love and teaching they bestow on me every single day. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many incredible people!

Well, I am going to get out of my warm bed now . . .it's time to work on what I like to call my soft side. I'm trying to lose it. :)

Hope you have a great Monday!